Ending Runner’s Knee: A Guide To Managing Patella Strain

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My name is J.J. and I am a recovering patella strain victim; the struggle is day-to-day. If you fail to keep your body limber and mobile, that nagging, lock-up pain is sure to creep back in. For some, the effect of runner’s knee or jumper’s knee is not only a physical discomfort, but can also be a trigger for psychological issues such as depression and anxiety.

Some of the ways I’ve been able to cope include:

  • Stretching regularly (3-7 times a week with a major focus on hips, lower back, legs and ankles).
  • Standing for a 3-4 hours a day at work (sitting is the “new smoking”).
  • Yoga (A yin practice is a great starting point as it will help you build discipline in your poses, breath and will prep your muscles and joints for more abrasive/strengthening yoga practices).  
  • Low intensity cardio with proper footwear and necessary insoles/pronation reduction.

Here is a video that will go through a progression of yoga poses that can help manage runner’s knee (courtesy of LexiYoga):

That said, the aforementioned activities can become a tall order when you add to the equation, work, family and extra-curricular activities.  That’s where we can help…

Our brace will not only deal with mitigation of past injuries but also prevention through supporting weak areas between the hip and knee that cause runner’s knee.

I’ve heard people refer to physiotherapists as “physioterrorists” because they encourage movement outside of the comfort zone of many people while most really just want a quick fix; our braces could be that quick fix! 

I am a new addition to the Spring Loaded team and I believe in Spring Loaded’s vision for correcting injury, preventing injury and perhaps, taking human strength and mobility to grand new heights. 

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JJ Podborski

By JJ Podborski

JJ Podborski is an Alberta import that attended Saint Mary's University and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce. Now permanently located in Halifax, he has a passion for sports of all kinds but mainly hockey and lacrosse.

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