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Our revolutionary knee braces do more than just stabilize or correct alignment of the knee. Our spring loaded knee braces enhance leg muscle power by storing energy as you bend your knee and returning that energy as you straighten your leg.

Developing a compact and powerful knee extension assist has eluded researchers for nearly a century. The first patents on spring loaded knee braces date back to the 1920s. Unfortunately, these braces were all big and bulky or alternatively, insufficiently powerful.

Spring Loaded’s knee braces capture energy in what’s known as a liquid spring. These novel springs work by compressing the molecules of a silicon fluid to store energy. Through an intensive research and development period lasting 4 years, we were able to miniaturize the springs and embed them inside the arms of a traditional rigid shell knee brace. The result is the world’s only compact and powerful brace capable of lifting your body weight while boosting your strength and performance. Although we use only mechanical springs (rather than batteries and motors), our braces can exert similar forces to those found in robotic exoskeleton suits.

Our spring technology provides shock absorption as the knee is bent, and assists the quadriceps muscles as the knee is straightened. This increases quadriceps torque, strength and power while simultaneously reducing joint compression. Among other things, users can rely on our spring loaded knee braces to help:

  • Promote proper lifting form
  • Enhance general mobility
  • Reduce joint compression
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Safely return to weight-bearing
  • Expedite the rehabilitation of common knee injuries, knee osteoarthritis, and knee surgery

Although our braces are similar in size and shape to other rigid shell knee braces, no other brace on the market contains such a powerful and versatile patented knee extension assist.

To help achieve best results, Spring Loaded’s knee braces can be customized to meet the specific demands of different activities. The maximum level of force output can be fully adjusted by the user or clinician, and the shape of the force-response curve can be customized during manufacturing. Learn more on our product specification sheet.