The design of our bionic knee braces is guided by the input of hundreds of physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons, and orthotists. Spring Loaded actively collaborates with researchers at Dalhousie University, the University of New Brunswick, and Capital District Health Authority. These researchers have provided insight on our design process and are now conducting independent testing and validation of our knee brace products in a variety of different circumstances.

Traditional Knee Braces

Evidence now shows that rigid shell functional knee bracing can cut the risk of injuring, or re-injuring, the knee joint — provided the brace is fitted and worn as intended. But despite standard rigid shell knee braces’ many benefits, they are often heavy and sometimes even restrict blood flow, fatiguing users user quickly.

Spring Loaded’s Bionic Knee Braces

By storing and releasing kinetic energy during natural movement, our knee braces offer all benefits of standard knee brace technology while also offering fully adjustable and customizable knee extension assistance. Rather than fatiguing the user, this results in a brace that energizes extension to make the movement more powerful. When the user no longer needs that assistance, they can simply turn it off, leaving them with a typical rigid shell knee brace.


Our customers routinely write us to say how big difference our bionic knee braces have made in their lives. Many individuals are able to return to actives they have missed out on for years. Others feel they have increased strength and reduced fatigue, allowing them to participate in sport, work, or even simple everyday tasks with greater confidence. We’re thrilled to be making such a big difference in people’s lives: it’s the reason we started Spring Loaded in 2012.

Current Research on Levitation

We are now running fully-controlled human performance studies in collaboration with third-party researchers to further validate the effectiveness of our bionic knee brace, Levitation.  These researchers specialize in knee function and physiology. It takes a long time to publish new research. However, preliminary data from these studies demonstrates our braces work as planned. For example, these data show our braces can increase the output of the quadriceps muscles during knee extension while reducing the user’s energy expenditure. When the full study is published, we will post a link to it here.

Related Research

Other research examining the effect of knee extension assist braces confirm the benefits of braces like Levitation. For example, current research shows that knee extension assist braces can help patients with knee osteoarthritis become more active and mobile. As a result, users regain their natural muscular strength and often experience significant reductions in pain. Because these users no longer experience pain or muscle weakness, knee extension assist braces can provide a good alternative (or delay the time) to knee replacement surgery.

dal-logoSpring Loaded is currently collaborating with researchers at Dalhousie University to provide independent testing and validation of our knee brace products.