Knee brace for teachers

The world’s first bionic knee brace can reduce knee pain and decrease your fatigue — so you can focus on teaching

Recovering from an injury

You’re on your feet all day — delivering exciting lessons, recess duty, running to a staff meeting. And you’re probably up and down flights of stairs three or four times a day. Many people may not realize how physical a teaching job is, but your knees notice every step. And a knee injury means a life interruption for you, and a learning interruption for your students.

If you’re already injured or if you have chronic knee problems, Levitation®2 can help relieve your pain and promote muscular recovery. Less pain while you regain your strength means faster rehabilitation.

Protecting against injury

Becoming a teacher means committing yourself to decades on your feet. You teach your students about safety, but do you protect yourself from long-term injury? Lead by example, and protect yourself before an annoying knee ache becomes a chronic knee injury.

The Levitation knee brace was designed to help reduce the effects of high-impact activity. By promoting proper form and the use of the legs (rather than back) during lifting, Levitation increases protects you now and helps prevent long-term injuries. Levitation accomplishes all of this by augmenting the strength of your leg muscles while providing shock absorption to the knee joint.

Is a bionic knee brace right for you? Speak with a bracing specialist to learn more and discuss your knees.