Nurses spend hour upon hour dashing up and down concrete hallways; our bionic knee braces offer less joint and muscle pain, and less fatigue at the end of your shift.

Recovering from an injury

It’s a rare 12-hour shift when you have a minute to sit down. Whether you’re doing your rounds, confirming records for another department, administrating medication, lifting a large patient, or doing your rounds again — your legs never get a break. And even though you know the risks and take all the precautions, sometimes your sore legs and aching back turn into a serious injury.

If you’re already injured or if you have chronic knee problems, Levitation can help relieve your pain and promote muscular recovery. Less pain while you regain your strength means faster rehabilitation.

Protecting against injury

Becoming a nurse means committing yourself to decades on your feet. You teach your patients about safety and health, but do you protect yourself from long-term injury? Lead by example, and protect yourself before an annoying knee ache becomes a chronic knee injury.

The Levitation Knee Brace was designed to help reduce the effects of high-impact activity. By promoting proper form and the use of the legs (rather than back) during lifting, Levitation protects you now and helps prevent long-term injuries. Levitation accomplishes all of this by augmenting the strength of your leg muscles while providing shock absorption to the knee joint.

Is a bionic knee brace right for you? Speak with a bracing specialist to learn more and discuss your knees.