Construction worker in knee brace

You lift and drag and pull all day — it’s time someone gave you a leg up. Our bionic knee braces will lend you strength, as well as stability and shock absorption.

Recovering from an injury

You power through to get the job done. In the blazing sun or the freezing fog, you put in the time it takes — and sometimes it takes more than your body has to give. If you’ve suffered a cartilage injury due to overuse and repeated movements like kneeling, crouching and lifting, our revolutionary bionic technology could help you.

If you’re already injured or if you have chronic knee problems, Levitation®2 can help relieve your pain and promote muscular recovery. Less pain while you regain your strength means faster rehabilitation.

Protecting against injury

You’ve seen the older guys on site your whole career; you know your joints don’t last forever. You have to take care of yourself now in order to prevent osteoarthritis and cartilage injuries in the future. The Levitation knee brace shifts much of your body weight away from the knee joint, absorbing impact so you don’t have to. Your weight is transferred through the upper arm of the brace, into the hinge springs, and into the lower arm of the brace.

The Levitation knee brace is designed to help reduce the effects of high-impact trades like construction, carpentry, and bricklaying. By promoting proper form and the use of the legs (rather than back) during lifting, plus an extra assist when rising from a crouch, Levitation protects you now and helps prevent long-term injuries. Levitation accomplishes all of this by augmenting the strength of your thigh muscles while providing shock absorption to the knee joint.

Is a bionic knee brace right for you? Tell us a little more about yourself to find out. We look forward to hearing from you.