Office worker knee brace

Take the weight off your knees

Work can be tedious when every step is painful.

It’s not just athletes or blue collar workers who need a boost. A knee injury or osteoarthritis can make the most mundane office tasks tricky. Climbing a step stool to grab a box of coffee stirrers. Getting up to greet a client as they enter your office. Kneeling to pick up a dropped pen. Choosing the elevator when everyone else is taking the stairs. Luckily, our bionic technology can make your work week a little more comfortable.

Our bionic knee braces can lift a large segment of your body weight on its own. Levitation absorbs kinetic energy when you bend your knees and releases the energy when you straighten your knees. It can help you crouch, walk, and climb stairs with less pain — and it’s lightweight and compact enough to fit under a loose-fitting pair of dress pants, so the office gossip is none-the-wiser.