Autoworker in bionic knee brace

Increase your strength and stability on the job, and prevent fatigue, so you’re fresher when you get home.

Reduce Fatigue and Prevent Injury

Levitation™ is the first knee brace that reduces fatigue, enhances strength, and provides shock absorption while lifting, crouching, and working. Trades people use Levitation™ to prevent and recover from common knee injuries.

Preventing Knee Injury

A lifetime of crouching, lifting, and hauling takes its toll on your body. You take safety seriously, and protect yourself — from your helmet to your steel-toes boots. But what about your knees? Protecting your knees can mean protecting your livelihood.

The Levitation™ knee brace was designed to help reduce the effects of high-impact activity. By promoting proper form and the use of the legs (rather than back) during lifting, Levitation™ can help prevent devastating knee injuries and long-term pain.

Recovering from Knee Injury

When you depend on your body for your livelihood, an injury is a serious blow. You take all the precautions you can, but knee injuries can happen easily. Our bionic knee brace can help you get you back on your feet sooner.

If you’re already injured or if you have chronic knee problems, Levitation™ can help relieve your pain and promote muscular recovery. Less pain while you regain your strength means less time away from work.