Knee brace for arthritis patients

Don’t let osteoarthritis decide what you can and can’t do; our bionic knee brace can help you get back to living your life on your terms.

Osteoarthritis Can’t Win

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, affecting millions of people worldwide. It starts when your body’s repair processes can’t repair your joints as quickly as you stress them. As your body struggles to heal itself, your joints become inflamed and the repairs slow, then stop.

If your legs don’t get the exercise they need to stay strong, they will gradually lose their muscular strength. Your joints will then have to bear the weight, breaking them down faster and making them even more painful to move.

A Non-Surgical Approach

The Levitation knee brace is designed to help knee osteoarthritis patients build strength and reduce knee pain. As you bend your knees, Levitation’s bionic hinge acts like the suspension system in your car to increase your stability and reduce pain. As a result, many patients find they crouch, squat, or even lunge again — without pain. Next, as you straighten your legs, Levitation assists the thigh muscles to help reduce compression in the knee joint. This allows patients to start rebuilding lost muscle strength and stability, getting them back to the things they love most.

Over time, as pain is reduced and strength is gained, the level and range of motion assisted by the brace can be decreased until you no longer need the brace.