Knee brace gives stability to neurological patients

Our revolutionary, bionic technology helps restore your independence.

Neurological Movement Disability

Neurologically based movement disabilities, ranging from those caused by stroke to multiple sclerosis to cerebral palsy, can dramatically impact your life. These disabilities often come with a loss of muscular control, and may lead to a range of symptoms including the inability to initiate movements, dramatically slowed movements, and the loss of movement coordination. Too often, neurological disabilities affect legs, resulting in a dramatic loss of independence and quality of life.

Despite the best efforts of doctors and physiotherapists, many patients never recover their mobility. This leaves many patients with a cane, walker, or wheelchair that they don’t want.

Increase Stability, Strength, and Confidence

The Levitation® 2 Knee Brace can help patients with neurologically-based movement disabilities build strength and increase mobility.

As you bend your knees, Levitation “bionic” knee extension assist hinge  slows the movement, increasing stability and confidence. As a result, many patients find they can sit, crouch, and even lunge again. Next, as you straighten your legs, Levitation assists the thigh muscles to help standing from a seated or crouched position. This allows patients to start rebuilding lost muscle strength and stability at home, getting them back to the things the love most.

Over time, as strength and mobility are restored, the level and range of motion assisted by the brace can be decreased, thereby promoting independent mobility, without the brace.