Knee brace for meniscus injury

Your meniscus is all that stands between you and that bone-on-bone grind you hear so much about. The Levitation®2 knee brace separates your thigh bone from your kneecap, reducing the painful grinding.

Meniscus Injuries

Because it’s thicker than cartilage elsewhere, torn segments of meniscus are tough enough to wedge themselves in your joint, causing your knee to lock. And while you can injure your meniscus at any age (it’s very common for young athletes), it does grow more brittle as you get older. Which means it’s even easier to tear. A sudden movement, repeated squatting, a twist of the knee – sometimes it doesn’t take much to damage. All of this is why more than half a million people are diagnosed with meniscal injuries every year in the United States alone.

A Non-Surgical Approach

As you bend your knees, the compression in your knee joint can increase up to seven times your body weight. Unlike other braces, Levitation is designed to reduce compression by acting like the shock absorption system in your car. By absorbing and disbursing weight away from your knees, Levitation can reduce friction in your joint. This helps reduce pain and cartilage loss while you build and regain your strength.

Handcrafted to Power your Lifestyle

Our bionic knee braces are handcrafted in Halifax, NS, Canada to power your lifestyle. The shell is made with streamlined, lightweight carbon fiber. This is the same material used in airplanes, high-end sporting equipment, and Formula One race cars. Our bionic knee braces have quick release strapping so you can easily put your brace on and take it off. Levitation is also lightweight, comfortable, and low-profile.

Whether your meniscus injury is brand-new, or if it’s something you’ve been suffering with for a while, the Levitation knee brace can help you get back to your normal you.