Knee brace for ACL recovery

Bionic knee braces help your knees recover faster, and protect against future injuries.

Knee Injuries Can Happen to Anyone

The knee is a complex weight-bearing structure, and the most commonly injured joint in the body. In fact, up to 60% of sports injuries are knee-related, and more than 45% of people will develop knee osteoarthritis in their lifetime

Following knee injury, many individuals are left with pain, instability, and even a loss of independenceThis can lead to frustration, depression, and a decline in their quality of life.

It’s not hard to imagine why knee injuries can be so difficult; everyday movements like standing, walking up and down stairs, or crouching become problematic. Very often, patients end up with weak quadriceps and never recover their normal strength. To compensate, many individuals end up requiring the use of a cane, walker, or wheelchair.

Get Back on Your Feet — Sooner.

The good news is that our bionic knee brace, Levitation can help you get back on your feet sooner.

Levitation is designed to promote faster recovery and a safe return to weight-bearing activities. As you bend your knees, our braces act like a shock absorption device to increase your stability and confidence. Next, as you straighten your legs, Levitation assists the thigh muscles to help ensure the movement is pain-free.  This allows patients to regain complete muscle strength and stability before returning to normal activities.

Return to Normal.

Over time, the level and range of motion assisted by the brace can be decreased, then turned off, thereby promoting independent mobility and complete recovery. When the “bionic” knee extension assist hinge  is turned off, you are left with traditional, functional knee brace that increases stability and helps protect the joint.