landscaper in knee brace

Keep your garden looking lush

The unique bionic technology in Levitation®2 can help you crouch and kneel without pain or fatigue — so you can keep your garden looking more beautiful than ever.

How long has it been since you dug in the dirt?

When osteoarthritis or knee injuries slow you down, some of your favourite pastimes are the first things you lose. Walking, kneeling and crouching can be very painful when your bones are grinding against each other — so your garden beds go unweeded, the shrubbery becomes overgrown, and your garden beds blur with the lawn. Our revolutionary bionic knee bracing technology can help you reclaim your yard.

Levitation is the only knee brace that can provide shock absorption when you bend your knees. It then lifts a significant portion of your body weight, reducing strain on the knees as you stand up again. This customizable assist means there’s less friction in your knee joint — and less friction means less pain.

The Levitation can be used to help you kneel, crouch, and walk with less pain. You’ll feel stronger, healthier, and more active than ever.