Motocross knee brace

bionic technology in the Levitation®2 knee brace  gives you the protection you need and the strength you want to beat your own best time

Who wants to braaaaapp from the sidelines?

Motocross athletes’ bodies endure enormous forces when riding over difficult terrain. The thrashing affects the whole body, but the knees absorb the brunt of the force. Maybe your foot gets caught in a root while scrabbling over rough terrain, or maybe you hyperextend while racing toward the holeshot… no matter how you do it, knee injuries are common in motocross.

The Levitation Knee Brace can reduce the effects of high-impact activity and increase the power of your quadriceps (thigh) muscles. This helps reduce fatigue and injuries while lending your legs extra strength.

Is a bionic knee brace right for you? Get in touch with a bracing specialist to find out.