bionic knee brace gives hiker energy

The revolutionary bionic technology in Levitation®2 knee braces can give you the endurance to take longer hikes — with more stability and less pain

Keep Exploring.

Study after study has shown that hiking through wilderness improves your physical and mental health, so grab your pack and get out there. Don’t worry about your knees, we’ve got you covered. Our bionic knee braces will help lift up to 50% of your body weight, so you’ll have the stamina to get all the way to the end of the trail — and back again.

The Levitation knee brace will give you the stability and the confidence to hike more difficult terrain. Levitation provides shock-absorption, fatigue reduction, and augments the strength of your quadriceps. By transfers weight from the top half of your leg to the calf, less strain is placed on the knee. With less compression in your knee joint, you’ll feel less pain. You can hike farther or higher with less fatigue, and see views you’ve always dreamed of.

Is a bionic knee brace right for you? Speak with a bracing specialist to discuss your needs today.