Cycling in knee brace

Levitation® 2 will give you the power to climb the highest grades any route can throw at you — so your cadence never falters

Bionic knee braces help maximize your quad strength, so you can pedal longer than ever before

Bicycling is one of a handful of pursuits that can follow you from early childhood to your retirement, and beyond. But if you’ve had a knee injury or you’ve developed osteoarthritis, the pain caused by deep knee bends can rob even cycling of its joy. Our revolutionary technology can help get you back on the saddle.

The Levitation knee brace is designed to promote proper form while increasing quadriceps output. It absorbs kinetic energy when you bend your knees and releases the energy when you straighten your knees. The Levitation can be used to help you power through your 40-click ride with less fatigue, or give you the boost you need to improve on your best grade.