People with knee pain tried a Spring Loaded brace for the first time and we captured their reactions. Watch what happened.

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Our bracing specialists often mention the incredible reactions they get when helping people try a Spring Loaded knee brace for the first time. Emotions range from surprise, to enthusiasm, to relief, when patients feel the unique difference a Spring Loaded brace can make. We captured some of these moments to share them with the world. By sharing genuine reactions from real people we hope to inspire those with knee pain and weakness to try a Spring Loaded brace for themselves. If you're interested in learning more or trying out a Spring Loaded brace, fill out the form below to speak with a bracing specialist. To read about the method we used to find people for the video see the method disclosure.

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The bionic difference

Like nothing else available, our Spring Loaded bionic knee brace can offload weight from your knee and power your leg muscles so you can work harder, play longer, and do more than you ever thought possible. Our bionic knee brace absorbs energy as you bend your knee, and returns that energy as you straighten your leg. The result is a brace that offloads weight from the knee joint, reduces pain in 4/5 everyday tasks1, and increases the quality of life in 90% of our customers1.

Real People, Real Results


of users with knee osteoarthritis report reduced pain since using a Spring Loaded brace 1


Up to 64% reduction in joint load across the whole knee (patellofemoral and tibiofemoral compartments) 2


of users with knee osteoarthritis report improved mobility

What our customers are saying

Wayne Moore - Arthritis

Ron Shanks - Cartilage Loss

Bill Horne - Arthritis

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Based on a retrospective systematic survey of Spring Loaded brace users with knee osteoarthritis


McGibbon, C. & Mohamed, A. Knee Load Reduction From an Energy Storing Mechanical Brace. Canadian Society for Biomechanics (2018)


Based on a retrospective systematic survey of Spring Loaded braceĀ users with knee osteoarthritis

Method Disclosure: We sent a call out to our partner clinics and local community groups looking for individuals who experience knee pain on a regular basis. We asked participants to try the brace on and be completely honest about how they felt. In exchange for the extra time it took to film their reactions, and the rights to use the footage as needed, participants were offered a stipend of $50. Those who were not comfortable being filmed were offered a free product fitting with one of our bracing specialists.