Levitation Offloader Add-On

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Health Insurance Approved

Levitation is reimbursable under most health insurance plans. Check your plan for details.

The Levitation Offloader Add-on is only available to patients with a valid prescription. It is an add-on to the Levitation Knee Brace, and can only be used with a Levitation Knee Brace. To find out if it is a fit for your unique needs, tell us a bit about yourself. A Bracing Specialist will get in touch within 2 business days.

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Levitation® - The First Tri-Compartment Offloader™ Knee Brace

The unique Levitation®2 tri-compartment offloading approach combines multiple technologies to:

Reduce pressure throughout the knee:

Levitation is the only brace designed to reduce forces in all three compartments of your knee. Pressure increases throughout the knee when it is bent, reaching up to seven times bodyweight. Equipped with a patented “bionic” knee extension assist hinge , Levitation absorbs bodyweight and assists with leg extension. This reduces the pressure exerted by the quadriceps on the knee.

Realign the knee:

For those with a misalignment of the knee, the optional pneumatic offloader can be added to Levitation to realign the knee. This further reduces pain, improves strength and stability, and diminishes the risk of falling.

Restore strength with bionics:

Levitation absorbs energy when you bend your knee, and returns that energy as you straighten your leg. This assists your natural movement and helps protect your knees, allowing you to stay active longer. As your strength increases and pain decreases, the power can be dialed back or turned off altogether.

FeaturesProduct Description
Pneumatic PumpAllows offloading pressure to be increased or decreased as needed, providing a fully adjustable solution.
Adjustable Condyle PadAttaches to the inside of the Levitation knee brace patented “bionic” knee extension assist hinge and is adjusted using the pneumatic pump.
External Condyle Pad AttachmentVelcro™ attachment provides easy access to the condyle pad’s pressure adjustment mechanism.
Six month limited warranty on all components

With a prescription in hand, most insurance providers will provide coverage for Levitation™.

All insurance plans are a bit different and typically vary by region and plan type. You should always follow up directly with your insurance provider for details specific to your plan.

Note that some insurers (in particular in the United States) require a reimbursement code to provide coverage. In the United States, your doctor will prescribe an appropriate HCPCS reimbursement code for custom fit knee bracing with extension assistance.

We’re confident that our craftsmanship will stand up to everyday use. For purchases made after January 1st, 2020 we offer a 2-year warranty on the brace shell and hinge. We offer a 6-month warranty on soft goods including the offloader, strapping and padding.

See full warranty details.