Levitation Knee Brace, Ski Edition

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We want your bionic knee brace to work for you, and we’ll go to great lengths to make sure it does. If you wear your brace for a few days and you find it uncomfortable or it doesn’t work the way you hoped, please let us know. We’ll get in touch right away to get a better understanding of the problem — and then we’ll try to fix it.

In the end, if you’re not satisfied with your bionic knee brace, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of delivery.

Product Description

Levitation™ Ski Edition Knee Braces bring together our signature hinge and bionic spring technology in a compact, light-weight brace that is specialized for skiing. The brace features a shorter shell length and ski boot attachment system allowing the brace to absorb impact and transfer forces away from your knees and into the ground below. By absorbing, storing, then releasing energy in an adjustable way, the Levitation™ Ski Edition can reduce muscle fatigue and joint pain allowing you to extend your ski day and ski season. Levitation™ is commonly used by individuals with knee osteoarthritis, knee injuries, or knee joint pain.

For more information, please download our Specification sheet (PDF)

Features Product Description
Fully customizable force-output (assist) Carbon fibre shell
Can lift up to 40 pounds of body weight Powered, bionic hinge
Powerful shock absorption and muscle assist 5 off-the-shelf sizes
Reduces joint compression Maximum Height: 18 inches
One-year limited warranty on shell and hinge Weight: 1300 grams

Levitation™ Ski Edition will be offered in 5 off the shelf sizes. Our innovative strapping systems ensure the brace will stay locked in place on your leg by dynamically changing shape to match your leg as you move.

To determine your appropriate size, circumference measurements should be taken 8″ above knee centre, at knee centre, and 8″ below knee centre.

Size Thigh Knee Center Calf
Small 15″-18″ 10.5″-13.5″ 8.25″-10.75″
Medium Small 17.75″-20.75″ 14″-17″ 10.75″-13.75″
Medium Large 17.75″-20.75″ 14″-17″ 13″-15.5″
Large 20.5″-23.5″ 14.5″-17.5″ 13.5″-16″
Extra Large 23.5″-25.5″ 17.5″-19″ 16″-17.5″

With a prescription in hand, many insurance providers will provide coverage for Levitation™ Ski Edition.

All insurance plans are a bit different and typically vary by region and plan type. You should always follow up directly with your insurance provider for details specific to your plan.

Note that some insurers (in particular in the United States) require a reimbursement code to provide coverage. In the United States, your doctor will prescribe an appropriate HCPCS reimbursement code.

We’re confident that our craftsmanship will stand up to every day use and offer a one-year warranty on the brace shell and hinge. View the details of our warranty.