A stroke can steal you from yourself. While you recover, our knee braces helps you regain muscle strength, while offering the stability you need to regain your confidence.

Your recovery will come, step by step

The effects of a stroke can add complexity every minute of your day. Buttoning your shirt. Eating a bowl of soup. Strolling to the mailbox. Everything becomes complicated. As your brain re-learns to perform these tasks, our knee brace strengthens and stabilizes your lower legs, so you can depend on them. Our bionic knee braces can also help you overcome tremors and muscle spasticity, helping you regain your normal muscle control and range of motion.

Make more progress, more safely

As you bend your knees, the Levitation®2 knee brace’s first-of-its-kind hinge slows the movement, increasing stability and confidence. In our knee brace, many patients find they can sit, crouch, and even lunge again. Next, as you straighten your legs, Levitation assists the thigh muscles helps you stand from a seated. Our braces can also help you overcome tremors and muscle spasticity, and help you regain your muscle control and range of motion. You can maintain your rehab protocol at home, so you spend less time going to appointments.

Over time, as strength and mobility are restored, the level and range of motion assisted by the brace can be decreased, thereby promoting independent mobility, without the brace. Our knee braces help stroke patients regain their independence.