Cartilage injury and football performance

When you have a knee injury, you don’t need a pedometer or a FitBit to count your steps.

Unlike any other knee brace available, our Levitation™ Knee Brace enhances strength, reduces fatigue, and provides shock absorption during high-impact activity. Athletes can use it to enhance performance or to prevent or recover from knee injury.

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Or maybe a lifetime of crouching, lifting, and hauling has taken its toll on your body. Workers in Skilled Trades can use our revolutionary technology to prevent and recover from common knee injuries.

And it’s not just athletes or blue collar workers who need a boost. A knee injury or osteoarthritis can make the most mundane everyday tasks tricky.

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The Levitation Knee Brace can help lift a significant portion of your body weight. This customizable assist means there’s less friction between your femur and patella — and less friction means less pain. Levitation absorbs kinetic energy when you bend your knees and releases the energy when you straighten your knees. The Levitation can be used to help you crouch, walk, and climb stairs with less pain.