Spring Loaded Knee Brace Price – What to Expect

What determines the price of my Spring Loaded knee brace?

Medical devices, including your Spring Loaded knee brace, are complex products that need to meet many regulatory, medical, and insurance standards. This means there are a number of factors that go into determining exactly what affects your Spring Loaded knee brace price. Some of the most important considerations:

  • Your Spring Loaded brace is customized to meet your specific needs, and the final configuration can affect the total cost of your brace.
  • Your insurance coverage and deductible will determine your out-of-pocket cost which is commonly reduced by 60%-100% by many plans.
  • Additional services may be required to manage your purchase and insurance claim.
  • The healthcare and insurance systems work very differently in Canada and the United States and where you reside could affect the cost of your brace and your coverage amount.

For these reasons we are only able to provide a starting price of US $1999 ($2499 CAD), while the cost to you could be as low as $0 depending on your insurance provider.

How does the Spring Loaded knee brace price compare with similar products?

The Spring Loaded knee brace is a hybrid brace that combines the best features and functions of traditional knee braces with the advanced capabilities of powered exoskeletons costing tens of thousands of dollars, all in a lightweight and compact design made specifically for your knee. It is the only brace on the market that can:

  • Power knee extension to enhance strength and mobility.
  • Protect your knee by reducing pressure throughout the entire joint.
  • Prevent knee pain immediately while providing a new non-surgical option for those with knee arthritis and injury.

Due to the Spring Loaded brace’s technologically-advanced design that allows it to offload the whole knee and provide unparalleled knee extension assistance, it is priced higher than traditional knee braces, although it is still significantly cheaper than exoskeletons.

spring loaded knee brace comparison chart

Final Thoughts

We know that learning how medical products are priced is often a complicated and frustrating experience. Despite this, we hope you still feel confident in your decision to purchase a Spring Loaded brace. It is the only brace available that can offload the entire knee while providing powerful knee extension assistance, making it a new non-surgical option for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis and injuries.

We believe that the full value of Spring Loaded bracing is in its unique ability to help those with knee arthritis and injuries do more of what they love, everyday. Our brace has been life-changing for many of our customers, and we hope it will mean that much to you, too.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your pricing, speak to a bracing specialist.

By Mirelle Naud

Mirelle Naud is part of the marketing team at Spring Loaded Technology. With a background in the sciences and journalism, Mirelle is passionate about creating compelling, evidence-based content to help people with knee arthritis and injuries do more of what they love. She is a graduate of Mount Allison University where she completed degrees in biology and English.

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