Press Release: Nova Scotia Medical and Technology Companies Collaborate to Produce New Reusable Face Shield in Support of Fight Against Covid-19

Spring Loaded Technology is pleased to introduce a new collaboration
between a number of Atlantic Canadian innovation and technology companies.

– April 24, 2020 –

Medical device manufacturer Spring Loaded Technology is pleased to introduce a new collaboration between a number of Atlantic Canadian innovation and technology companies, called SpringRescue ( These groups have collaborated to produce Spring Loaded Technology’s first commercial product – Scotia Shield.  Scotia Shield is a high quality, reusable face shield designed to address immediate personal protection equipment (PPE) needs in healthcare and other essential services as they deal with the impacts of Covid-19. The ultimate goal of SpringRescue is to also meet the PPE needs of the broader retail, consumer, and service industries.

Working together with Ring Rescue, the group has developed Scotia Shield to provide protection in situations when 6ft / 2m distancing is not possible. Scotia Shield is also available as a sustainable alternative versus traditional disposable PPE.  Manufactured using thicker plastic and closed cell foam, the reusable version of the Scotia Shield can be cleaned with diluted bleach or alcohol for repeated use.  The shield has been designed to allow use with other complementary PPE such as a fabric mask or N95 respirator.

“We are proud to be launching the Scotia Shield into full production. The Scotia Shield is being produced to help protect essential workers across a wide range of sectors and later, to provide businesses and consumers with accessible and sustainable PPE solutions that will help prevent a relapse of COVID-19 as the economy gradually re-opens.” said Dr. Chris Cowper-Smith, President and CEO of Spring Loaded Technology.

In under two weeks, the group has designed and tested prototypes, set up manufacturing, and sourced materials and suppliers – primarily from other Nova Scotia companies including GN plastics, Nautel, Day Nite Signs, and many others.  Initial orders are being filled for the Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation, the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) in Nova Scotia, food retailer and producers, and other essential frontline businesses.

Applications in traditional retail and service industries are being investigated as well, to help provide protection to the public when the economy gradually emerges from lockdown.

About SpringRescue

Spring Loaded Technology and Ring Rescue are life-science sector innovators based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  The partners have created a collaboration in SpringRescue to respond quickly to the current PPE supply crisis, and to rapidly conceive and design new protective products.

The partnership has brought forward several innovations that will help ensure the health and well-being of medical staff and patients, as well as retailer and service industry frontline workers.

For enquiries, please contact:  

Chris Cowper-Smith, President and CEO Spring Loaded Technology

Phone: 902-448-3578